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T-Sports started its journey in November 2020 but has gained a lot of popularity in 2021. The main reason behind the popularity of T-Sports Channel under Bashundhara Company is that the sports of Bangladesh are broadcast live. By broadcasting the game of Bangladesh live, GTV Live has been able to create trust and love in the minds of the people of Bangladesh in a very short period of time. In continuation of this, when he started his journey with the sports channel in 2020, he started gaining acquaintance with the people by broadcasting the game live. In 2021, TV sports became very popular by broadcasting two big games of Bangladesh live. Needless to say, GTV Live has been the only one in the market of Bangladesh for so long, but with its advent, the popularity of GTV Live has started to decline. Now it remains to be seen which of the two best sports related TV channels in Bangladesh is ahead.

 You can use television or mobile phone to watch live sports. In order to watch TV Sport on television, you need to get the approval of T Sports from the cable operators. T Sports currently exists among the Akash cable operators. Moreover, T Sports has been available to local cable operators in Bangladesh for a long time. You can follow their official channel on YouTube to watch via mobile phone and also watch the game live on their official website. We will try to promote their official YouTube live video in our website.


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